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GAAS Mirror for PC

To save you some download and build time, here is a plug-and-play GAAS Mirror for GAAS development. Have fun!
  1. Download GAAS Mirror from here

  2. Install Ubuntu 16.04.03 LTS with GAAS Mirror.

  3. Download auto-deploy.tar.gz and run it.

  4. Once you finish step 1-3, the system should come with the following dependencies. You may skip all the dependency and building related steps in Tutorial 1-5.

    ROS Kinetic

    MAVROS 0.29.0

    PX4 1.8.0

    GAAS (updated 2019-05-24) which can be found at /home/gaas_folder/

    All other dependencies required for tutorials 1-5

Pay attention to the environment variables. Please use GAAS Mirror under root user by execute sudo su before continue onto the tutorial materials.

If you would like to make a bootable USB drive with GAAS Mirror, please do so in DD mode.

You may still need to install Graphics Driver