GAAS v0.7 Release Mirror - PC

Built with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS along with the majority of GAAS dependencies

Download Here

Due to the system restriction, the ROS components must be used under root user. Thus, execute

sudo su

Then run ROS command (such as roscore or roslaunch)

To add the ROS environment variables to bashrc for root, execute the following:

sudo su
gedit ~/.bashrc

Add the following content to the end of the bashrc file:

source /opt/ros/melodic/setup.bash
source (FIRMWARE_PATH)/Tools/setup_gazebo.bash (FIRMWARE_PATH) (FIRMWARE_PATH)/build/posix_sitl_default

Replace (FIRMWARE PATH) with your own PX4 directory. Note that if you have cloned PX4 firmware into your current home directory, you will need to use the full directory - under root user ~/ is equivalent to /root/ For instance, if the user name is gi, the home directory is /home/gi/

If you would like to use SLAM, please compile it first. You will need one additional dependency:

sudo apt-get install libxkbcommon-x11-dev

Then proceed to compile SLAM:

cd (GAAS_PATH)/software/SLAM/ygz_slam_ros

Everything else you need for SLAM has already been installed in the mirror.